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Deep Space 13 map and legend.

Deep Space 13 map and legend

Here’s an example I used for one of my one-shot adventures to test my Grim Hack rules. It can be used with any ruleset, however, if anyone wants the stats, I’ll post ‘em. Brief descriptions of the opponents follows later in the post. If anyone runs this, please let me know how it went.

For the brief introduction I used (and character archetypes) see here.

Sorry about the odd numbering, but when I start writing rooms/encounters, I do it as they come to me, then add them to the map. I pretty much am just transcribing pretty much exactly what I had wrote in my notebook.

State of Station and existing Runabout: Pipes, wires, and structures of human flesh that certainly don’t belong cover the ceilings and walls, all dripping pus and gore onto the decks. See Aliens. You may describe the Borg found on this station similarly, see picture here.

Various locations have Control Panels for various systems. As these have been corrupted by the Borg Hypergeometric Virus, it takes a skill check to get anything from them. See Panel section below.

1.        Airlock: desiccated corpses in Federation uniform. No equipment. 1 Cyber-Vermin patrols gangway to Station proper.
2.        Reactor Room: Power-core dark with a massive creature, the Borgoth, covered in tentacles, pustules, and power cables wrapped around it. See picture in this post.
3.        Command Center/Bridge: Borg Commander and two Borg. Corrupted Science, Communications, Engineering, and Security Panels. These are the most corrupted on the Station. A fumble on these skill checks destroys the panel. Clue 1 can be found here in the Science Panel.
4.        Brig: 2 Cyber-Vermin. 3 Starfleet prisoners in rags, obviously tortured, in separate cells. “They tortured us, they laughed while they did it! Borg have never done that!” “There’s no one left in Starfleet. It started somewhere in the Alpha quadrant. We thought we were the last uncorrupted Station left.”
5.        Armory: One Phaser rifle, corrupted (on use, failed Willpower check causes user to surrender self to Borg when encountered).
6.        Holodeck: Recurring nightmare imagery of the Borg invasion of Earth.
7.        Mess Hall: 3 Cyber-Vermin. 1 naked, bruised, and insane Starfleet member. Don’t ask what they’ve been eating…
8.        Barracks: Various bodies in perverted poses and dismemberment. No mission-critical equipment.
9.        Officer’s Quarters: throughout the ring. One holds Clue 2. No mission-critical equipment.
10.     Observation Deck: Peaceful, uncorrupted.
11.     Science Lab: Borg Scientist reading Necronomicon on Science Panel (this is what was uploaded to the Collective to start this whole thing). A discarded datapad holds Clue 1. Body parts melded with tentacles and bio-mechanical will turn into another Borgoth if the scientist isn’t killed in the first round of combat.
12.     Med-Bay: Borg conversion center. One victim almost ready.
13.     Borgified Runabout: Power core mysteriously drained. No working panels, equipment, etc.
14.     Engineering: Borg at Engineering Panel. Datapad holds Clue 2.
15.     Security Sub-Station: Security Panel, 3 Phasers.

Science Panel: Successful skill check finds the Anti-Virus after Clue 1 is found.
Engineering Panel: Successful skill check reduces hit points of location 2 Borgoth by half.
Security Panel: Succesful skill check after power is restored, gives number and location of opponents and allows the locking down of any particular room. Critical success activates invader countermeasures, stunning all Borg and Cyber-Vermin for 1d10 minutes.
Communications Panel: Successful skill check once power is restored at location 2, Clue 2 found, and Anti-Virus found, broadcasts the Anti-Virus throughout the Alpha quadrant.

The Borg: Fairly self-explanatory other than the fact they are physically corrupted even more than they already are, just add tentacle arms and boils and such to their description. Both the Commander and the Scientist are quite a bit tougher, feel free to have the Scientist throw some Lovecraftian spells once he animates his Borgoth. The Borg prefer to use the ‘Stun’ feature on their Phasers so as to add to their collection of play-things.

The Borgoths: Bio-mechanical Shoggoths.

Cyber-Vermin: A bio-mechanical cross between dogs and spiders. They shoot to kill, but use lasers which are a tad weaker than Phasers.

Clue 1: “Jeffries Tubes becoming dangerous as Borg virus spreads…”
…am making progress on Anti-Virus. Must read more of that book!”
“Patched into Borg systems. Found complete book. Spells converted to Hypergeometric equations!?!”
“Anti-Virus almost done. As long as they don’t find me first.”
“Anti-Virus is completed, but I am deleting it. I was such a fool. Gods do, indeed, exist. Biologic life is meaningless. I am turning myself in for assimilation. Yog-Sothoth is the Gate and the Key.”

Clue 2: “If that thing would only die, I’d be able to get the Security System back up and running. Not good enough an Engineer to work on a starship my ass! I’d even have enough power to broadcast Broderick’s Anti-Virus. That’s is if Mr. Science Officer can get his crap together.”

Note: I’m not claiming any ownership of these properties. This was purely a humorous exercise.

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