Saturday, September 17, 2016

Thoughts and changes on the Grim Hack from the play reports.

Am I intelligent or just cunning? Dexterous or agile? I ponder such in my garden of death...

Thoughts and changes on the Grim Hack from the play reports.

New rule on skills: Knowledge, artistic, and crafting skills: When skill is first attained, it gives a 10% bonus to the attribute check when rolling for success. A big difference with other d100/BRP style games and WFRP is that WFRP characters start out much weaker. It’s common for key starting skills that a BRP-type character has at creation to be in the area of 70-80% (however, these rules also allow a character to advance skills beyond 100%).

Possible changes I’m considering: As my whole idea for the Grim Hack was a rules lite version of WFRP, there are a few things I’m considering.
·       Forsaking hit locations: Reduces some of the ‘fiddliness’ from both combat and purchasing/looting gear. Armor values would remain the same (Plate + chain=2AP, Plate or chain=1 AP, Leather 1AP vs. light damage, Shield good for 1AP). Would require a complete rewrite of crit tables, however.
·       Reducing the number of Attributes: Basically combining Agility and Dexterity, and Cunning and Intelligence. It’s only been two adventures, but I remain unconvinced on the need for two differing aspects of a particular attribute.

On a side note, Bob is thinking of running Against the Giants with my Grim Hack rules! Made me all warm and fuzzy to hear that!

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  1. But I like hit locations... but I like quicker play. Hmmm... hurts too much to decide.

    I'm cool with the reduced attributes, and as we discussed totally agree with +10% when you get a skill. Additionally, one should be able to take a skill up to 3 times to get +20% and +30%.