Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Deep Space 13 play report, part one.

So, maybe uploading the Necronomicon into the Collective might not have been the greatest idea...

Bob-Security Officer
Dave-Medical Officer
Doug-Engineering Officer
John-Science Officer

After requisitioning extra supplies, the team headed off on the runabout for their rendezvous with Deep Space 13.

After coming out of warp, the team discovered the base to be shut down, only life support and minimal energy signatures detected. Failing their scanning attempt, the team was only able to discover there were lifeforms aboard the station but not their exact nature and location.

After docking they entered through the airlock, finding desiccated bodies of Starfleet members. Dave discovered they’d been exposed to vacuum, but not ejected out into space. As they walked further into the docking section they heard a calm, comforting voice say “Welcome to Deep Space 13. Please prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

The team immediately pulled out their Phasers, ensured they were set to “kill” and investigated a second runabout that was docked there. The interior was covered in Borg, and other strange dripping and seeping modifications. The warp core was dead, the power oddly ran dry. This is when Doug heard through his communicator, that the ship was being attacked by a virus. Running back to the ship, the screens were already flickering and odd symbols and mathematical formula was streaming across them. Bob immediately shot the communication node that Doug pointed out, successfully terminating contact with the station. As they left they heard the computer whisper “Yog-Sothoth is the key and the gate.”

They encountered a strange dog like creature heavily modified with mechanical spider legs and an energy weapon. After a couple of volleys of Phaser fire, complete disintegration of the creature was attained without damage to the party (other than their pride at having missed so thoroughly and consistently).

John used his tri-corder and discerned there were multiple small bogies towards the center of this main level of the station. Creeping around the corridors they assaulted the mess hall, but were met by three more of the strange puppy/spider Borgs. After a swift and brutal combat that saw the little creatures explode and shower each other with shrapnel, Dave the medic injected himself with desperately needed healing meds.

Inside the mess hall they also found their first survivor, badly beaten, burned, and possibly tortured in a deep catatonic state, mumbling something about keys and gates... They took the survivor back to the ship, strapped them down, and headed back into the station.

Finding the elevator, they had two options, Engineering Deck or the Bridge. Being the cautious and careful exemplars of Starfleet Academy, the piled into the Bridge, Phasers blazing as they encountered the Borg Commander and two of his assimilated buddies. Finally, surprise was with them, and after a couple of fusillades, the Commander and one of his compatriots were exploded messes, and the other a burning pyre of stinking refuse.

Finding the Communications station inoperable, they went to the other stations to learn what they could. Alas, the Borg corruption was too much for their meagre technical skills. The Engineering console was actually destroyed in their panicked attempts. Only a lone log entry was found at the science station. It seems the Science Officer for the station had written an anti-virus that could combat the insidious Borg machinations, but deleted it as he turned himself in to be assimilated, having discovered through his research that, indeed, Yog-Sothoth WAS the gate AND the key.

The entire party did what they could to find the deleted file, but they were stymied at every turn. Surprisingly, the Security officer looked over their shoulders and said, “Hey, why don’t you just look in the Deleted Folder?” (Bob was the only one to make his intelligence check). Shamed, John the blood-thirsty Science Officer was able to upload the virus into the system. After some time passed, they could see the anti-virus was working as tubes sprayed gore as they were expelled from the systems.

But, still, not enough power to do anything with the re-booted systems. So, next stop: Engineering.

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