Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Weird War II 1947 one-shot play report.

Weird War II One-shot play report.

The Players: 
Ian (Dave)-Commando
Hunter (John)-Intelligence Officer
Anatoly (Dale)-Intelligence Officer

Play started with the team in the forward torpedo room readying their gear for the mission. Once they were ready, the Nautilus triggered her anti-Deep One sonic weapon and the boys shot out into the freezing seas of the Antarctic. Spying 3 stunned Deep Ones with spear guns on lanyards, the boys dared taking the time to dispatch them with their combat knives and grab up the spear-guns despite the danger of remaining in the cold water.

Coming up into the submarine pen, they remained under water and Ian planted explosives on the submarine and the fuel reservoir to go off in two hours. Surfacing under the support structure for the fuel tank they snuck under a gangway and peeled off their wetsuits and got into their gear. Unfortunately for Ian, he failed his Toughness check and succumbed to the cold, hampering all his physical abilities until he was able to get warm. Despite this impediment, he and the rest of the team snuck deeper into the cavern and hid amongst the crates taking time to warm Ian up. The guard and his resuscitated casualty partner in the watch tower were oblivious to pretty much everything.

Once Ian was more functional, the team snuck up to the door of the dock office and whipped the door open, unleashing a fusillade of silenced round at the supply sergeant, pretty hitting everything except their target except one stray bullet from Ian. Once initiative order began, Ian with the upper hand missed completely, and the sergeant making his WP check, grabbed the phone and called in an alert just before Anatoly blew off the man’s leg. Hunter immediately grabbed the phone and critically failed his try to make the alert sound like a joke, but ended up sounding like Han Solo instead. Anatoly rigged a grenade to a C4 charge and tied it to the door and the team safely made it to their hiding place under the fuel tanks structure, quietly putting their wetsuits back on.

An officer with a cadre of resuscitated casualties came to investigate only to be blown into a state where resuscitation would be impossible. Moments later the sub crew ran by and started piling into their vessel. Ian slid back into the water with Anatoly to change the time of the C4 charges planted on the sub and the fuel to 15 minutes, while Hunter, sensing the coast was clear, ran off to get Intel to help the Allies in the war.

Ian and Anatoly were safely in the tunnel as the sub began moving away from the dock, and they were able to witness both the explosions and the horror of the sub crew as they abandoned ship only to freeze and die almost immediately from the freezing water. Once their bit of handiwork resolved, they hid behind the last remaining dock and opened fire on the guard in the watchtower, with Ian dumping his entire 3 round burst into the guard, ripping him apart. The team quickly took control of the watchtower and it’s MG42.

Meanwhile, Hunter delved deeper into the base finding another cavern with multiple exits and a Walker-Mech who’s driver was desperately trying to start. One grenade into the cockpit, and Hunter was checking the different exits. Seeing one with occult symbols on it, he followed the tunnel to a warm room with the Wizard preparing some sort of maniacal chicanery. A quick surprise check, and Hunter had his silenced.45 to the man’s temple. After the merest of introductions, he asked where the
Next door went to. The wizard replied that it was the Power Plant earning himself an immediate bullet in his brain.

Going through the next door and following the passage down, Hunter found a large machine with a ramp that led up into a yawning hopper on top of it. Off to the side he heard weak crying from a cell full of emaciated and dying prisoners. Hunter, knowing he was out of time and had no way to extricate them form the base, he set the charge on the Power Plant for 15 minutes. As he left, he heard a prisoner both laugh and cry and say ”Yes, release the Shoggoth.”

Making sure he grabbed a couple of ‘interesting’ looking tomes in the Wizards room, he hied on out of there. On the way back through the hub of the base, he heard arguing behind a door which he opened and threw a grenade into. Unsure if one was enough, he pulled the pin on a second grenade, but after opening the door saw only corpses. Trying to jam the grenade into the door as a trap and sprinting away, he failed his Dex check and he heard the grenade go off, but not close enough to damage him.

Reunited in the sub-pen, the team quickly departed and swan furiously back to the sub. The base destroyed crippling the Axis’ new fuel dependent War Machine, the Allies would suddenly regain some advantage in the war. However, with the forbidden knowledge contained in the books acquired, the Allies quickly gained the upper hand, ending the war and establishing the United States as the new dominate power in the world…

…but at what cost?


  1. You failed to mention how Ian was warmed up. Or is it just a coverup by the government, you can't have your latest "war heroes" taken custody on charges of "indecency". I guess that is for the politicians to decide. For we are men of war, men of action, men who do what is needed in the face of danger and hot sexy wet suits.

    1. What happens in Weird War Antarctica, stays in Weird War Antarctica!