Friday, June 17, 2016

Spider Mounds map.

Man, these are some busy termites.

I’ve been working on something I’m calling Grim Hack Expanded. In a nut shell, doing some moderate changes in WFRP’s stat lines to allow for slightly more even advancement distribution from my Grim Hack rules. I’m also working on a spell list for my particular world, a play report from my Star Wars one shot I used to warm up my gaming group for my version of WFRP (even though I used the slick River of Heaven rules. I’m a percentile dice nut.), an introduction to my Corporate Space setting, and etc., etc.
So here’s one of the maps my players have encountered already. Some spiders, one Tyranid, and a Hive Mother, which should have been quite the challenge. But add a barrel of gunpowder the players had found and you have a crazy encounter that was ultimately cut pretty damn short.

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