Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sci-Fi and Modern Skills in WFRP

Combat Shuttle, no Corporate markings.

Sci-Fi and Modern Skills in WFRP
Here are my preliminary Modern and Sci-Fi skills for WFRP. This list may be contracted/expanded in the future…
…a grim and perilous future! Mwahahaha!
Computers (Int): Allows character to perform advanced operations with coputers and AI type devices, including programming and hacking.
EVA (I)[Agi]: With this skill, all physical activities in micro-gravities are at a -10% penalty. Without this skill, all physical activities are at a base 10%!
Hyperspace Navigation (Int): Allows for the proper plotting of courses through hyperspace and dealing with potential issues therein (but those never happen).
Pilot (Dex): Helicopter, plane, jet, Aerospace Fighter.
Pilot (Int): System Craft (Includes Shuttles, Landers, Drop Ships, and Launch Vehicles), Interstellar Craft.
Security Systems (Int): Bypassing and developing security systems.
Specialist Weapon (BS)[RS]: Submachine Guns, Machine Guns, Energy Weapons, Direct Fire Heavy Weaponry. Pistols, Rifles, Assault Rifles, and Sniper rifles are already covered by Special Weapons: Firearms.
Specialist Weapon (Int): Indirect Fire Heavy Weaponry (Artillery), Planet Based Missiles, Space-Born Weaponry (Naval Rail Guns, Missiles, Anti-Missile Systems).
Technology Repair (Int): Fairly self-explanatory I think.

*Attributes in brackets are for me to keep track for my (possibly) forthcoming Grim Hack Expanded, a full rules-lite conversion of WFRP.

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