Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - the Grim Hack - My history with WFRP

Death rules the underworld, or so the rumors say.

I still remember picking up WFRP for the first time, sometime in the late '80s at my (now defunct) local hobby shop (I'd later pick up both RoC hardcovers there, too). My mind had been recently blown by the Realms of Chaos miniatures with their thick baroque detail, so I was keeping my eye out for anything Warhammer related. I'd recently been (honorably) discharged from the Marines, and I think the grim perilousness of the world spoke to my post-military state of mind at the time. I flipped through that thick soft-cover, the illustrations, the careers (Marine!!!), the actually effective Necromancer (I'm glaring at you, TSR), all these had me hooked.
I would end up running 4 WFRP campaigns of varying length throughout the years, including the one I'm running now. I'd ran various adventures for our gaming group through the decades (we'd often trade off who ran our D&D campaigns) including Queen of the Demon-Web Pits, and I ran a few Call of Cthulhu adventures (but the boys never really dug it, being more action-oriented players at the time), but I keep coming back to WFRP.  The combat system seems so natural to me. Percentiles to hit, damage reducing armor, gore-laden crit tables, and evocative magic system, particularly the necro raise skeleton and demonic power spells, equals deliciousness!

However, WFRP, particularly my beloved first edition is not without it's faults. To be continued...

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