Friday, May 13, 2016

Main continent of Anglypur

Forgive the crappy labeling, but I wanted to put this up just so my players have an idea of where they are in my campaign world. Someday will actually fully label, border, and add a compass to it.


As far as my campaign goes, here's the basic gist along with a mini-gazetteer:

The Central Empire is fairly new. Originally independent feudal Kingdoms and city-states, the player's characters are the children and grandchildren of veterans of the Unification War wherein the Kingdoms became Duchies under control of a centralized imperial authority. There are rumors that the "Great Peace" the characters had fled for a life of adventure may be fraying. How this may effect things in Crown's Hold have yet to be fully understood.

Anglypur was the 'Big Bad' nation of the Mageregime. A brutal totalitarian government ruled by Wizards that ruled with an iron fist. Approximately around the time when the idea of a Central Empire was just being realized by a few group of kingdoms, the Mageregime fell apart in a civil war the refugees could only describe as a nightmare. Now vast swaths of Anglypur lay uninhabited and in ruins. After almost a decade of silence from Anglypur, Crown's Hold has been established at the Anglypur side of the southern pass through the Dragon Spine mountains.

Crown's Hold is the base of the campaign. It is located in Anglypur's abandoned fortress that guarded the pass leading to the former Central Kingdoms. The operation is governed by the West Anglypur Company, a commercial endeavor sponsored by the various factions in the Central Empire pursuing interests as diverse as agriculture and mining to magical research and militant evangelicalism. The adventurers are hired on to explore the areas surrounding Crown's Hold and contribute to the safety of the enterprise, while dealing with the representative's of the Imperial Factions including the Inquisition, the Wizard's Guild, and Crime families, amongst many others.


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