Friday, May 13, 2016

A new piece

Narathul purges the Necropolis of Mageregime influence.

My players ran into a few Mageregime troops the other night in the game, so here they can see what the armor and weapons they picked up actually looks like.

Thul is in the far north of Anglypur, a small frozen community in the northern pass from the Central Empire to Anglypur. Serving as a semi-neutral buffer between the two great powers of the continent, Narathul has ruled over his innocent but primitive villagers there for centuries. He is rumored to be a vampire, but so the peasants have said about some of the Guildmasters, but who believes the wagging tongues of the unwashed, anyways? Maybe they had best curb their tongues.

I can reveal stuff like this, as the chance my players will hex-crawl 500 plus miles to Thul is quite slim.

That is, unless they can figure how to disassemble and haul out that Corvega they found in that crashed spaceship without the shoggoth getting them...

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