Thursday, July 21, 2016

Megacorporations of Corporate Space

Arland, Kobayashi, and Chilton-Hoos Corporate Agents.

Here’s a list of most of the major corporations currently inhabiting my Corporate Space setting (that I can remember off the top of my head. I have GOT to organize my notes!!!). I’ve included information on their past characteristics before the mass migration from earth. Current descriptions are harder to convey, as they have all considerably expanded their roles into multipurpose providers as they gobbled up various planets and systems and established themselves as independent technocracies. Whether a particular company may be considered ‘good’ or ‘evil’ is entirely based on one’s particular point of view (read: current employer).

Arland Corporation
Original corporate appellation: Arland Defense Robotics
Area of origination: North America
Starting specialty: Combat drone technology.

Assegai Stellar
Original corporate appellation: Assegai Security Contractors
Area of origination: Sub-Saharan Africa
Starting specialty: Military contracting.

Big Bear
Original corporate appellation: Big Bear Online
Area of origination: Eastern Europe/Central Asia
Starting specialty: Commercial trade.

Black Dragon Galactic
Original corporate appellation: Shi/Hei-Lueng Munitions
Area of origination: East Asia
Starting specialty: Commercial arms sales.

Original corporate appellation: Chilton-Hoos Genetics Later: Chilton-Hoos Combat Bio-Engineering
Area of origination: South Africa/Northern Europe
Starting specialty: Genetic research and development.

Kobayashi Corporation
Original corporate appellation: Kobayashi Explorations
Area of origination: East Asia
Starting specialty: Private space technologies.
Special note: Discoverer and only manufacturer of hyperspace drives. Kobayashi Hyperspace Division has never refused a drive sale, even during a state of war with a potential buyer.

New Renaissance
Original corporate appellation: New Renaissance Medical Technologies
Area of origination: Western Europe
Starting specialty: Combat cybernetics.

Steel Crescent
Original corporate appellation: Crescent Intelligence Services
Area of origination: Middle East
Starting specialty: Intelligence gathering, political think-tank.

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