Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Glossary of terms for the Crown’s Hold Campaign

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As I tend to refer to campaign specific terms frequently in my posts, here is what the heck I’m talking about…

The Ancestors: Refers to the legends and handed-down stories that surround the ancient ancestors of the current populations of the planet. In the Central Empire (CE) they hold almost religious connotations, the major factions all can trace their beginnings back to them. What is not common knowledge, but known to very few (including some of my current players), these factions were direct descendants from different corporate and political factions that were able to keep some of their collective identities after the disaster when the Earth colonists’ fell under the nightmarish consequences of the Technophage.  Separated by the nigh-impassable Dragon-Spine mountain range, the ancestors are not looked in such an idealistic light in Anglypur. Where the seminal settlers what would become the Central Empire were able to exert firm control over those that used ‘magic,’ thanks to the bulk of the Marine Security Forces-Arland Corporation landing there, the Anglypur landing sites were not so lucky. The politicos were the first to develop these new powers, and unbridled, the Mageregime was formed.

The Predecessors: The miners know. They whisper about it in a pub, late at night. Too deep into their cups to care who hears. Every once in a while, deep, deep, down, you see things. Might be some strange object, something with writing on it that hurts your eyes. The Guild or the Church takes those. Every time. Don’t matter if you told anyone or not. They come for it, pretty as you please. Ancestors help you if you find a room down there. Or tunnels. Heard of entire mines- Their crew- Damnit. Excuse me. Said too much. Just the drink talkin’… Higher echelons of both the Guild and the Inquisition believe this to be true: Thousands of years before mankind ever walked this world, the Predecessors had long left it. What they left behind only sleeps, never dies. The Ancestors were never able to decide if the Predecessors were in anyway affiliated with whatever race had manufactured that ancient spacecraft the Kobayashi Corporation had found so many years ago, giving mankind the gift of hyperspace travel.

Pure Ones/Soulless: Every so often, a child is born who is immune to the effects of magic. In the CE, they are often considered the unlucky ones, often doomed to an early death from accident or disease, unable to benefit from the miraculous healing provided by the Guild. Called ‘Pure Ones’ by the eternal foes of the Guild, the Church, the Inquisition actively recruits them as agents. However, they are most often prone to joining the Hidden as the skill sets they offer increase their chance of survival in these troubled times. The ‘Soulless’ is the term used by the Mageregime to name this tiny minority. Officially sanctioned for immediate execution when discovered, as they pose a threat to the magic-using elite, they are more often abducted and trained as assassins to be used in the bloody infighting of Anglypur’s political arenas.

The Siddich: These are the personal bodyguards of the Anglypurian Mageregime. Hulking monstrosities in heavy armor, they often have the heads of animals (though that is not always the case) despite the fact they all were once normal humans. Magically bonded (1MP sacrifice per Siddich) to a specific mage, they are known to go into a frenzy when their master is killed.

Spiders: The dominant indigenous species of the planet, found in an infinite amount of varieties. Though not technically arachnids, as the amount of legs can be of almost any number, and only few strains capable of spinning webs, the name was thought to have been used as a slang term originally that became common usage.

The Swamplanders: A community of outsiders that ply the southern rivers and swamps of Anglypur. Known both for their superior fishing abilities and fantastic seafood recipes. Rugged and long-lived, those seeking to ally themselves often must do so by marriage.

The Technophage: In the short amount of time where technology still worked, but was quickly degrading, scientists were able to surmise a few theories on what was occurring, but nothing was ever able to be proven before the end. Arguments that the nanites the colonists were vaccinated with before their long sleep were corrupted somehow by either naturally occurring viruses or pre-existing alien nanites from some previous civilization had been held as the most probable. Others, of a more spiritual bent, just blamed ‘magic.’ Whatever the cause, the results are not in doubt. Within one year of induction on to the planet, every electronic pierce of equipment, even those using light/fiber-optic technology, was dead. Monks have gathered evidence over time, that when metal has been struck by lightning, it often is reduced significantly in mass. Whatever this may signify, the monks keep their theories to themselves.

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