Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grimmer Hack, or: the Mess that is my Brain

So, as my quest for modification and streamlining continues to spin around in my twisted little brain and, despite being quite happy with how the Grim Hack was turning out, I just couldn’t let shit go. Here I present my seminal ramblings on my Grimmer Hack. It started out by just trying to shrink the amount of attributes needed, but I got some bug in my brain for specialty skills for more interest and varying character build possibilities.

The following is very brief, and I have conflicting ideas on Strength, Toughness, and Initiative which you will see scattered below.

I am currently working on the specialty lists. These will have the added bonus of being able to be used in Grim Hack, or even WFRP, also, as chances of me taking Grimmer Hack any farther is probably slim unless I get some feedback...



CS - Close Combat Skill: Sword and board, 2 weapons, large weapons (all usually adding to damage, speed)

RS - Ranged Skill: bows, x-bows, pistols, rifles, SMGs, thrown (usu:  damage, speed, effects)

MS - Mental Skill: Magical, mental, manufacturing, mechanical. Ex: specialties: Healing (combat heal, regeneration, curing, etc), damage, defense (force fields, , summoning, etc. Note: Magical effects in one genre may be equivalent to Technological effects of another. Requires research of some sort, ie: magical: learning the spell, technological: developing the tool/device. This will be an ‘effects’ list rather than a ‘spell’ list. -1st digit = magic/Tech points

SS - Stealth Skill: Sneaking, trapping, Lockpicking, assassinations, traps, initiative?

DS - Defense Skill/Wounds: -1st digit = Wounds? Would act as a ‘Saving Throw’ skill.

PS - Personality Skill: negotiation, bartering, interrogation, seduction

Strength, Toughness, Movement, Attacks, all a base of 2, 2, 4, 1 respectively? Or see combat below for 2 different options completely ignoring Strength and Toughness as separate attributes.

Attribute gain: (as in Grim Hack)

While adventuring, make note of any meaningful successes (i.e. rolls that actually have negative repercussions if they are failed) made from rolls off of characteristics, only a single success counts for any particular statistic. Multiple successes only count for one advancement attempt. At the end of the session or adventure, roll d100 for each of these noted characteristics. If the roll is higher than the characteristic’s current value, add d6 points to it, up to the max value allowed.


List for each attribute.

Pick either 2 or 3 at creation.

Each will have 6 levels of progression.

Gaining specialty points:

At the end of any event/adventure wherein an attribute gain roll is attempted, 1 specialty point is given.


At the end of any event/adventure wherein an attribute gain roll could be attempted, 1 specialty point may be taken instead.

Specialty example:


1.        +10% to hit with firearms

2.        +10% faster with firearms, -50% reload time

3.        Increased chance of crit

4.        1 round of Aiming = +2 Dmg on next shot

5.        Wield 2 pistols with no penalty.

6.        +1 Dmg. Opponent save or die on crit.

Option 1:
Combat: Appropriate skill needed to hit. Weapon/magic damage rating + d6 – armor, subtract remainder from WOUNDS?

Melee weapons: Light 2dmg, Medium 3dmg, Large 4dmg

Armor=full sets Light:3-4, Med:5-6, Heavy: 7-8, Shield:1 (Different types of armor may have special attributes)

Option 2:
CS-1st digit = Melee damage?
DS-1st digit = Dmg reduction?

Crits=general, not location specific

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  1. Sounds like what I call 'Masteries', spending xp to up your skill in a specific area gradually.

    ==Bob D